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Multisoft Corporation: Serving the MLM and Network Marketing industry since1987

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Ever dream about working for yourself and enjoying the spoils of a self-made man or woman? Are you ready to be the person in charge, the head honcho? Have a great idea for a business but not sure how to get started? These next few minutes could change your life. What do you have in common with Armani, Hilfiger, Hilton, Kraft and others. Their names didn’t have instant recognition until after they took the first step towards greatness. They dared to dream just like you. Unlike these iconic names though, you can get in business much faster. The momentum that took them years to generate, can be yours in just a matter of days by leveraging your idea through the right industry. Millionaires are minted every year in this industry. In 2009 US sales alone topped 28 billion dollars. While many industries have suffered in the economic downturn, this industry enjoyed a phenomenal growth rate over the past decade. Anything can be sold through this revolutionary industry. What industry are we talking about? The answer might surprise you. Direct sales and network marketing; the only industry that allows you to get in business today and start making money tomorrow. The truly wonderful thing about network marketing is that anyone with an idea, a willingness to work and proper direction can succeed. If you have an idea and are willing to work, we can start supplying you with the direction right here, right now.
What qualifies us to help you get started in this dynamic industry? In business since 1987, we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like yourself, take their idea from the kitchen table to the penthouse. We have experience in all areas of the industry, from consulting and business formulation through the provision of software that will help you manage your company. We offer an array of solutions for people seeking success in direct sales and network marketing. Consulting for both start-ups and mature companies. Product development, image branding, site design, compensation plan formulation and most importantly the technological solutions that you need to manage your business and look like a Fortune 500 company the very day that you launch. Of all the technology based solutions that we offer, the most important for your success is Market Power Pro. It provides you with a professional online presence and gives you the tools that you need to manage your business both today and tomorrow. Having the tools in place to handle your growth is critical. We won’t allow you to become a victim to your own success. Our scalable approach to doing business, allows the software to grow with you.
Website, shopping cart, online ordering, real time enrollments, robust genealogy, distributor back office, content management, graphical reporting, standard API’s for interface to other applications, multiple payment gateway support, spam free communication, a Madison avenue look, international capabilities, language translations and incredible degree of administration controls over the sites operations. Market Power Pro covers all of that and much, much more. We were delighted when one of our clients recently referred to Market Power Pro as a growth machine. The software is a fully scalable solution that was built to grow with you. With Market Power Pro you can start small, stay within a fixed budge and then grow into more of the advanced features when you’re ready. Whether you have one thousand distributors or one million, the software has you covered. Don’t know much about programming and technology? Market Power Pro was built on a platform that was used by 80% of the world’s computers. Our state of the art backbone, ensures stability and future support. Don’t worry about your data any longer. Market Power Pro is a fully payment card industry compliance system. When using it, you know that both you and your distributors data is secure. Quarterly compliance scans ensure the software maintains it’s secure standing. Sleep soundly at night knowing the system is keeping your information safe.
Servers, backups, IT staff a climate controlled secure environment, these are just a few of the items you would expect to set aside a generous budge for. Not so when you use Market Power Pro. We do all the hosting and maintenance of the software for you. No more headaches dealing with hardware, software, IT people, firewalls, storage space and all the technical things you forget to think of. We do it all for less than the price of hiring a single qualified in house IT person. Imagine a world class looking website with the look and feel of your choice. Multi-soft will supply you with the site design tailored to your vision. You have complete control over the sites content and layout from there. You’re vision turned into reality. No more confusing enrollment forums just three easy steps for new distributors to sign up and join your organization. Market Power Pro even allows you ….. Learn more at

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