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Black Sand – A Sandman Story – (NSFW)

October 5, 2017 387 No Comments


Synopsis: Richard cannot dream, and has turned to drugs to escape his reality. But when he hears that his dealer has a new drug which can make your dreams come true, he is desperate to get his hands on it.

“Black Sand – A Sandman Story” is a non-profit fan film for private use only, and is not intended for sales of any sort. It is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or approved by DC comics, Warner Brothers Studios, New Line Cinema or any of their respective affiliates or licensees. No commercial exhibition or distribution of this film is permitted and no alleged independent rights will be asserted against the aforementioned copyright holders.

Written & Directed by Bernhard Pucher
Produced by Kate Aldridge
Based on characters created by Neil Gaiman

Starring Sid Phoenix as Richie
Michelle Ryan as Death
Matthew Faucher as Marko
Samantha Bentley as Sally
Joel Phillimore as Sandman
Helen and Terry Mellis as Richie’s parents

Director of Photography – John Miguel King
Production Designer – Ryan McCarthy
Composer – James O’Connell
Costume – Iris Belanger Noel
1st assistant director – Cem Aytacli
2nd assistant director – Leah Rose
Camera Operator – Richard Carlton
1st asst. Camera – Joel Honeywell, Ricky Patel
Gaffer – A. J. Walters
Spark – João Janiero
VFX supervisor – Brooke Lyndon-Standford
Colourist – James Willett
Sound Recordist – Simon Haggis
Sound Edit and mix – Francesc Moya
Hair and Make-up – Nadia Harrison
Hair and Make-up assistant – Claire Graham
Production assistants – Tom Medcalf, Umur Coskun
Extras – Will Thompson Brant, Justin Patrick Wells
VFX – Atomic Arts, Element 26
Title Animation – The Animation Guys, Element 26
On-set Photographers – Kate Middleton, Nathan Haines, Louis Tsamados
Special Thanks – Oliver Kassman, Swordtail studios, Cem Aytacli, Luke Foster, Stavros Pamballis

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