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Home Based Business Opportunity – Send Out Cards

October 1, 2017 332 No Comments


I was looking for a home based business opportunity and came across this site called jupdi. Specifically i found this page : so I watched the video and filled in the form on the right, to be contacted by a guy named Neil Patel.

Neil walked me through “What is SendOutCards” why it may not be suitable for me (Never tried to sell me once). And also went through the “SendOutCards Compensation Plan” which seems quite interesting. Long story short I did not signup for my personal reasons, but I was to ever look at this again. I know who I’m going with.

If you’re looking to make a few hundred dollars for helping other businesses make more money, and are a very social person, then this is for you. I love the fact that the business can run from the “SendOutCards Android App”.

If you’re interested in a Home Based Business Opportunity, the head over to to learn more about SendOutCards Opportunity

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