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Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime on Retargeting

August 19, 2017 360 No Comments


Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins talk about retargeting and how it is a 100% no fail opportunity to be able to follow up with somebody that you paid for the click.

It is essentially about dropping a retargeting pixel so when a visitor comes to the page, FB knows about it – so now you have an opportunity to do something that is the most powerful and most profitable traffic ever seen – because you are continuing the conversation.

Everyone using it is seeing retargeting bringing in more money for every investment that you send, bar none!

So if you are excited about this, in the same way that Mike and Andy are, guess what? You can even go one step further than Mike and Andy and retarget visitors who visit sites that you DON’T own with AliG FB Ad Retargeting script. This is powerful stuff, make sure you check it out if you want to learn more


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