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10 Distinct Advantages of Activating a Brand Marketing Strategy

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Cost / Benefit Analysis of Brand Marketing:

We collaborate with each client to develop a distinctive and compelling corporate personality (culture) synchronized with their vision, values and mission. The resulting strategy becomes ultimate competitive tool and brand: a targeted, distinctive, memorable, and meaningful brand marketing program that serves to motivate both current and potential target audiences — business development (externally), team building (internally) and the community (socially).

The following are 10 distinctive advantages of activating a brand experience:

**Top-of-Mind: Potential clients are prone to gravitate towards the familiar.
**Trust: A trusted brand name ensures confidence and consideration.
**Cross-Selling Opportunities: Openings are created to expand service offerings.
**Emotional Connection: Purchasing decisions are executed emotionally, and justified rationally.
**Price De-sensitivity: Astute clients will invest in optimal services, brands and names.
**Reduced Sales-Cycle: An acknowledged brand stands on its
own reputation.
**Increased Inquiries: Less promotion and sales times are required and the brand starting to sell itself.
**More Exposure:
More Ink Brand-name companies receive a higher profile in the news.
**Decline in Lost-Opportunity Cost: Weak brands are subject to a genuine loss-of-opportunity cost.
**Employee Recruitment & Retention: A renowned brand name is critical in attracting talent as everyone enjoys being associated with a winner.

In 2015, ISI Branding | ISI – Ideographic Strategies Inc will celebrate 28 years of experience in Brand
Marketing, Web Development, Social Business PR and New Media on local, national and international scales.
Currently, ISI has rebranded the International Education programs in Coquitlam, Burnaby, Delta and Langley.
In 2005, ISI was ranked the 13th largest design agency in British Columbia by the trade publication
“Business in Vancouver”. To learn more please visit

For Greater ROI; Contact ISI:
Garrett Chong, Brand Marketing Director / Principal
ISI Branding | Where Ideas Inform | Est 1986
604 253 7755 |

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