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Marketing Strategies with Michele Ahlman S02E14

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Good morning folks!
This is Michele Ahlman CEO & company cheerleader for Clear digital media your resource for digital content marketing.
We continue our series on charm and communication skills that make a difference in every business.
In the 1st episode of this series, we focused on identifying low value behaviors in our effort as humans to get Attention, Approval & Acceptance. And we discussed identifying these behaviors in ourselves first is key to making positive change.
In episode 2, we focused on high value behaviors we can identify and cultivate in ourselves.
If you missed either of these episodes, go check them out.
This week, we will dig into what we can do if we’ve identified low value behaviors within ourselves that need correction, how we can welcome high value people into our lives by leading with value first, and how we can become high value in our careers.
As we work on our own social skills, we quickly come to realize that the time we spend with people is our most valuable resource — and who we choose to spend time with directly affects the quality of life.
We begin first, with ourselves. We’re not going to instantly be our best selves, but as we put in the effort over the next few weeks and months, incremental changes will build up and become more apparent — to ourselves and others. It also makes us more aware of how we relate to our current social circle and if we need to make some changes
Try to follow an 80/20 principle. Look at yourself and your social circle. Are you and those in your circle high value 80 percent of the time with maybe a couple instances where you’ve displayed or have seen those in your circle be combative or competitive?

Keeping this principle in mind helps us avoid being too overcritical of our own faults and in the faults of others as we grow and assess ourselves and the world around us.

As we work to improve ourselves — even at one percent every day, examining those around us is only natural. So as we start to eliminate the low value people from inner circle, we want to start welcoming high value people in.

Once you make room in your circle, you’ll find yourself with the space to pursue things your low value friends inadvertently kept you from doing. Don’t be afraid to take that class, learn new skills, and meet new people who value what you value.

High value people are always working on themselves. They’re always trying to improve. They’re trying to find where their comfort zone ends so they can put themselves outside of it.
How can you lead with value in your workplace? No matter what your position in the company happens to be, these show you’re willing to lead by example rather than taking the “it’s someone else’s job” approach.
The stronger frame dissolves the weaker one — in our personal lives as well as professional. So if you start leading and behaving in a high value manner at the office, you’ll quickly find other high value comrades as well as set an example for any low value people in the organization. In many cases, your behavior will positively influence all those you have contact with.
Show that you’re organized and on top of things in a visible and obvious way: keep your workspace clean. You’d be surprised how such a simple thing can be a lead for others to follow.
Take responsibility: this includes ownership of your mistakes rather than blaming others on your team who make mistakes on your watch.
I hope we’ve provided value in these Vlogs that you can apply to your business and life right away.
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Thanks so much for watching. Have an awesome week.

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