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JEFF JACOB – Write A Song Build A Team

November 8, 2018 133 No Comments


So, why am I doing this you may ask? What makes me qualified to help you to make your event more successful, more impactful? That is a great question. My answer would go something like this…

I’m on the phone every day with Meeting Planners whom work with a wide variety of corporations and organizations. I hear them tell me what they are looking for to assist them in their planning and programming. I hear the frustrations of working with large committees, tighter turnarounds, lack of clear takeaways and shrinking budgets. I hear how much in need your teams are of escaping their technology induced silos and reconnecting via face time with their colleagues. I understand that we all do more with less these days, and this situation is leading to more burnout and increased feelings of isolation in our workforces. With my background in sociology, event planning and the music industry…I saw a unique opportunity to combine these passions into a program which allows me reach out and help turn your teams around, bit by bit, while we all have fun in the process. This process is a mission for me, and after all…who doesn’t love music and playing with Play-Doh?!

I like to say that “The notes of a chord of music, are one and the same as the members of your team.” We’re going to brainstorm on how to make your teams more successful and happier. We’re going to have fun doing it, and then we’re going to write a song together about this crucial topic. We’re going to collaborate on this song just like they do in Nashville or the days of old in Tin Pan Alley.

I hope we can speak soon.

Wishing you harmony.


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