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Get SMART with Mobile: A Mobile Application Measurement Framework

November 7, 2018 82 No Comments


With mobile technologies putting the Internet in everyone’s pocket and an exploding apps market taking the possibilities to dizzying new heights, mobile applications have assumed a central role in the Internet equation. But going mobile is the easy part. The trick is to make sure your investment pays off, and for that, new metrics strategies are needed. Organizations need to get S.M.A.R.T. with mobile.

Strategy – Determine your ‘Mobile Readiness’
Measurement – Define a mobile ‘Measurement Plan’
Analysis – Establish intelligent mobile ‘Correlations’
Reporting – Make strategic information ‘Obvious’
Tactics – Generate ‘Actionable Insights’

Success in mobile demands a systematic approach that begins with understanding your customers mobile usage, determining your product suitability to a mobile application, defining your business objectives, and evaluating your level of commitment. Only once all of these steps are completed should you begin to implement the necessary technologies to achieve your mobile objectives.

Greg Dowling, Vice President of Mobile Strategy & Measurement along with Brian Suthoff, Vice President of Marketing at Localytics will offer insights on the hurdles involved in navigating this rapidly evolving terrain and provide guidance around establishing a mobile application measurement framework.

Webinar registrants will receive a pre-release copy of the upcoming white paper – “Get SMART with Mobile: A Mobile Application Measurement Framework.”

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