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Creative Direction : Arthur Kusika
Concept & Scripwriter : Rosa Serena
Editing : Reza A Lubis
Music Arranger : Creez Joshua
Shooting Preparation : Amanda Sari, Rosa Serena
Computer Graphic : Arthur Kusika, Hasan Maarif
Camera Person : Sefta Mufti, Septa
Lighting Person : Adi

Anniversaries always going to be an event to be remembered, so with my ‘beloved’ company i worked for ( NET TV ). And I was given a responsibility to make the look / visual design of the second anniversary of NET. For your information, NET TV is now a really populer tv station in my country, Indonesia. And to be honest the deadline is really tight, we have to make a lot of items in a really short time, i dont put every items in this gallery because there’s to much of it. But the interesting part is when we do brainstroming and find our way to finish this in really short time with a lot of to-do-list.
After my design is accepted by the Board of Director, i continue to making all the items needed for the promo stuffI also delivered the design to the other designer in the company because its a really big project, actually its involved a lot of other designer such as print design, banner, newspaper ad, invitation, stand-de, souvenir, marketing purposes, web design, LED for the events, and social media.

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