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Yahoo!: The Evolution of Social Strategy, presented by Robin Zucker

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In her BlogWell San Francisco presentation, Yahoo!’s Social Marketing Director, Robin Zucker, shares how they are advancing their social media strategy with an inside look at their summer movie program on Facebook that grew their fan base to over 30 million.

Robin goes into detail about the program’s objectives, the strategy behind the program, the experience, and the final results of the campaign. She also lists what worked well for them and the challenges they faced in the social media space.

Below is live coverage from the event:

— Last year, Yahoo! had a big focus on building their footprint in social. They reach over 700 million people each month but noticed their social footprint was very small comparatively. As a result of this program and others they have grown their fan based to 30 million+.

— Movies are inherently social, and it’s a natural place for Yahoo! to be.

— Programs objectives:

1) More social: connect with social active movie fans.

2) Grow the Yahoo! Movie fan base.

— Strategy behind the program:

1) Socially relevant to take advantage of Summer Movie season.

2) Hit fans from all angles. How can Yahoo! take the movie experience offline for their users?

3) Relevant. Reward the movie going audience and capture quality likes for sustained engagement (not just the number of likes, but quality, engaged followers)

4) Share & Engage. Surprise and delight movie fans with relevant offers.

— A new like on Facebook = a free bag of popcorn. Reinforced behavior by continuing to offer popcorn throughout the summer.

— It all starts on, with amazing assets: movie trailers, live streaming, etc. Yahoo! wanted to take advantage of the 24 million uniques that already exist on their site. In social, they focused mainly on their Facebook page, but it all came back to Offline they developed a strategic relationship with Regal Cinemas (537 cinemas nationwide – reaching over 90 million people over the course of the summer)

— The Experience: Two means of entry

1) In theater – physical banners and counter tops ads drove to a mobile microsite. Users were required to enter a URL, connect on Facebook & were provided a mobile coupon to redeem.

2) Online – Promoted on Facebook & through Regal Cinemas. You entered your phone number, liked Yahoo! Movies, and you were texted a coupon to redeem at the theater.

— Was really important to Yahoo! for users to connect on Facebook. The mobile website auto generated a check-in on Facebook in addition to requiring the user to ‘like’ Yahoo! Movies.

— Results:

1) Grew their audience from 200,000 -> 1.2 million new Facebook likes for Yahoo! Movies. Surpassed their goal by 400,000 fans.

2) Were able to capitalize what was already happening socially – ie: Harry Potter movie release

3) Engagement: 1.4 million additional minutes spent on Yahoo! Movies site

4) 200,000+ checkins, each entering the Facebook newsfeed extending Yahoo!’s reach

5) Gave away a $1 million in free popcorn

— What worked well:

1) Tied to an event: Summer Movie Season. Build on what was already happening during the summer.

2) Partnership with Regal Cinemas to adapt as the program did.

3) Agency partnership allowed for real-time optimization

4) Flexibility to adapt program after launch (we think it’s going to be this way, and we had a lot of success because they were willing to adapt)

5) Offer was relevant and reinforcing what Yahoo! Movies was already about.

— Challenges Faced

1) Facebook Check-in wasn’t available with co-branding
2) Limited to smartphone users
3) Social/Mobile/Location promotion proved to be a learning curve
4) Managing expectations
5) Once the program started allow themselves to be flexible and adjust accordingly.


Q: What have you done to capture equity from the event-based campaign? Do numbers fall off or is there anything to reduce activity drop-off?

A: Required them to become a fan of the Yahoo! Movies page, because of the relevant targeting, they continue to stay engaged. Attrition is inevntible, but the target couldn’t have been more relevant. Continuing with additional promotions, ie: meet the Twilight cast in LA.

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