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Buy the tool first? No let’s Stern Storm your marketing strategy first.

September 16, 2018 104 No Comments

What if everyone of your ideal clients understood the true benefit of doing business with you?
How would that affect your business?
Stern Storming is a 2-3 hour intensive brainstorming session with Stern Inbound Marketing CEO Darrell Stern to uncover how your target market has benefited from your business and what are the true needs, desires and patterns of your ideal client.
You know the features of your business, and most online marketing copy is just that, bulleted lists of what you do.
No one cares, really, they want to know if you can solve THEIR problem, and the message needs to be in a way that faced THEM not that describes YOU.
During our session we will write new copy for your landing pages, and come up with a real content marketing strategy including titles for your new blogs.
What’s next?
Engage with the Stern Inbound Marketing Agency and we will go to work creating landing pages, blogs, social media posts and drive real measurable engagement and leads for your business.

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