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BIGEYE on Digital Marketing

June 21, 2018 74 No Comments


At BIGEYE, we understand that digital marketing fits into a client’s overall strategy, merging online communities and social outreach methodologies with more traditional media.

Engaging in a digital marketing partnership with BIGEYE includes comprehensive monitoring, thorough data analytics review and tracking, and tactical project management, organization, and cohesion. At BIGEYE, our skilled digital team is responsible for crafting innovative ideas, telling captivating stories, and serving as trusted brand architects – resulting in increased engagement and proven results.

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Transcript: Digital marketing is not nontraditional anymore, you know, digital marketing is just a part of marketing. So, digital fits in to the integrated strategy because it’s a huge piece of the pie. It would be short sighted of us to think that just offline and traditional is the only way to reach and connect with people, because today people have communities online & they are different social communities than they have offline and it’s important that we are a part of the conversation. When you hire BIGEYE for digital work you can expect change, probably, you know we’re going to come in and notice what’s going on, what’s gone well-we’re going to grow what’s going well, we’re going to find the places that have challenges and figure out if need to stop, start, or continue in those areas. And then you’re going to enjoy the organization we bring in to the process. You’re going to have control without the headache of management which isa beautiful place to be in a client role. You’re also going to get some numbers back that will help form or efforts and will help you justify what you’re doing on your side of the table. You’re also going to get an engaged audience with your brand that you haven’t had before. We are idea creators, we are story tellers, we are architects of brands, there are so many talented people working together on the same project that all these different experiences and all these different skill sets coming together creates something that is truly extraordinary. For us it’s about identifying the audience, really being the voice of the consumer & making sure that we are preparing the program that is focused to not only the broad audience but to the individual within that audience, because we know the offline world works very similarly to the online world. People will stop at a website to maybe consume their news, or to look at entertainment, or go to a streaming platform & we can by looking at data & behavioral data we can understand who that audience is & how they travel through the digital and online world and then make sure our advertising media follows that path. A lot of agencies have digital capacity, but not a lot of agencies have digital capacity from people who know what they are talking about, are friendly, manage it well & then deliver the results that you need in order to justify the money that you are spending on digital marketing.

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