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#1 Reason Most Fitness Businesses Fail

June 9, 2018 77 No Comments


Fitness business owners want to help a lot of people. But, marketing their business isn’t their strong suit and the #1 reason they fail can easily be changed and actually turned into their greatest strength. I created this video to shine a light and help explain how to market a fitness business using EBM.


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+++ SUMMARY +++

Don’t Let The #1 Reason Fitness Businesses Fail Keep You From Doing What You Love

If you’re like most personal fitness trainers today, the number one thing you love to do is go out and help people reach their health and fitness goals.

At some point, you experienced the benefits of living a healthy, fitness-oriented lifestyle; and it improved your life. You realized you had the knowledge and skills to train others. So you gave it a shot.

If you’re like most personal fitness trainers today, you aren’t super excited by the sales and marketing side of the fitness business.

The result is you end up using methods that simply don’t work. In fact, there’s a good chance that your marketing isn’t in alignment with who you are as a fitness professional. And brushing over the sales and marketing side of your business will cost you.

It will cost you clients, and it will cost you income.

The number one reason why fitness businesses are failing is because they have no Education Based Marketing.

Education Based Marketing is marketing that educates. It’s marketing that gives value and builds trust before you ask for anything in return. The best part is you don’t get that icky salesman feeling that comes along when you go out there and do the direct sales approach.

When you love teaching, educating and delivering value, you’ll find that Education Based Marketing is in great alignment with who you are as a fitness professional.

Go out there and build a bigger business. You can get past that icky “salesy” feeling. You can get past hating marketing because now you are delivering value. You are developing trust as a trusted educator and that feels good.

This is where you need to be going with your marketing.

That’s the first step, becoming aware that this is a style of marketing that you can do. This is a style of marketing you’re going to embrace and love. Ultimately you can go out and make a bigger difference with Education Based Marketing.

We are on a mission to help train fitness professionals in this industry that are hungry for more.

Go out there and make a big difference today and start living the Fitnesspreneur’s Life.

+++ ABOUT Vito LaFata +++

As a certified High Performance and Funnel Optimization Coach, Vito La Fata, is the NO BS business & personal brand coach to the wellness and fitness professional or company that is looking to get outside the box of the industry and start learning how to grow a personal brand online and offline utilizing a hybrid business model of offline and online marketing strategies that deploy customer value optimization systems in order to create as much benefit and offering for the customer and as much profit and lifestyle for the company as possible.

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