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Weathering the Storm- Strategies for Navigating a Turbulent Market

March 19, 2018 76 No Comments


In crisis there is opportunity. Now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity you have to refine your business model and your business.

The construction industry is experiencing a downturn that it has not felt in more than 15 years. Having enjoyed an extended period of economic prosperity, many industry executives find themselves unprepared for this economic uncertainty and construction recession.

Recent economic events have presented industry executives with challenges that were unimaginable a year ago. During these times of financial crisis and economic turmoil, a renewed focus on the fundamentals is imperative. A “back to basics” approach coupled with new and improved management process is necessary just to keep most businesses a float.

Scott Winstead will discuss practical information and strategies that can help your company through the difficult times ahead.

Event Date: April 23, 2009

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