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2015 MIMA Event: January – Content Strategy 2015: Marketing, Mobile, and the Enterprise

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Over the past five years, we’ve seen the rise of social media, the advent of mobile, the (constant) evolution of SEO, the invention of responsive design, and now the industry mandate of content marketing. And yet—despite the fact that everything requires it—content remains a fundamental challenge for all of our organizations. Too much content, or not enough. Producing content in silos, but no backing from leadership to break down the barriers. No central governance in place, but too many internal politics to make it a reality. Seriously—how are we supposed to deal with “digital transformation” if we still can’t agree on what content should go on the homepage of our website? With her typical pragmatism and humor, Kristina will share insights on what’s next (and what’s needed) for content strategy in 2015.

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