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Netvibes Insights presents Kraft: A Social Snack Strategy

February 13, 2018 105 No Comments


Kraft: A Social Snack Strategy

In this month’s installment of Netvibes Insights we’re delving into the world of Kraft Foods. We’ll be covering a bunch of surprising insights we were able to find using our dashboard. A few of those topics:

3:00 – How Kraft utilized a different PR strategy for a highly positive company perception.
7:17 – Why “Illinois” is a top trending keyword for Kraft with nearly 100% positive sentiment.
11:40 – How Kraft’s user generated content and social media strategy contributes to its visual identity and overall online brand equity.
31:55 – Q&A session on video exporting and sentiment language support.

Enjoy our short presentation on Kraft and what they’re doing different from ConArga, Nestle and Unilever.

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