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Bringing SEXY Back to Offline Word of Mouth Marketing

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Originally presented in May 2011
WOMMA’s School of WOMM Conference | Chicago, IL

This is a reenactment of the original presentation done as a webinar. (Recorded on Oct. 27, 2011.)

Bringing SEXY Back to Offline Word of Mouth Marketing

All sales do not happen online and not all word of mouth happens online. Yet, marketers today seem to be only gung-ho about ways to connect with customers through online social media. It’s time to bring SEXY back to offline word of mouth. It’s time to rekindle a marketer’s passion for giving customers real reasons to tell their friends about brands they enjoy doing business with.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how retailers, restaurants, consumer packaged goods, and technology brands are using seemingly mundane customer touchpoints in the physical world as powerful word of mouth talking points.

00:00 >> 00:50
Intro with WOMMA Summit 2011 Registration Info

00:50 >> 02:30
Presentation Intro, Geno Intro, and John Intro

02:30 >> 19:19
John Moore’s Rant – “Customer Touchpoints Lead to Customer Talking Points”

19:19 >> 36:34
Geno Church’s Rant – “It Takes a Person to Make Word of Mouth Happen”

36:34 >> 37:05 | Outro

John Moore, Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice
Geno Church, Brains on Fire

JOHN MOORE is a retail marketing strategist. In past lives, John has been a marketing manager with Starbucks Coffee and a director of national marketing with Whole Foods Market. In his current life, John shares marketing advice with businesses aspiring to earn unwavering devotion from customers and employees. John has authored two business books: TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE, a business management book, and TOUGH LOVE, a business book masquerading as a screenplay. His Brand Autopsy blog has been sharing hot marketing opinions since long before social media became cool.

GENO CHURCH is the Word of Mouth Inspiration Officer at Brains on Fire, but he considers himself more of a pathfinder for the firm’s clients. He has walked down the path with Fiskars Brands, Best Buy, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the American Booksellers Association, Charleston Parks Conservancy, the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy, Love146, and Rage Against the Haze (South Carolina’s youth-led anti-tobacco movement). He likes uncovering the DNA of sustainable word of mouth movements. Geno is also a co-author of BRAINS ON FIRE: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable Word of Mouth Movements (Wiley, 2010).

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