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Video 4 – Why have a Sales Funnel for your business

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Transform Your Businesses In 2017 Business Best Practice work with small to medium sized businesses to set up automated lead generation and sales processes to dramatically increase their bottom line. In this video, the 4th of the series, I will be talking about automating your sales funnel.

So, let’s look at what we do with all this information we have gathered and how we go to market. There are many different variations of sales funnels the one I will show you now is typical.

• The first step is to clearly identify who we want to attract using the information from the ideal customer module.
• The next step is to design advertisement based on that information. It needs to be specific to the temperature of the prospect and use a specific hook designed to attract them.
• We choose the best channel for our advertising based on what was discovered in the ideal customer module
• When people click on the advertisement they are taken to a landing page with an opt-in form, here they need to fill in some details to get the offer.
• If they say yes, they are added to our email list and sent a series of emails the first being the offer. They might also be directed to a website page as was the case for this offer.
• If they say no they are added to a different marketing sequence. There are options on search engines and social media to target those that visit your landing page. Have you ever looked at a website and then it seems to be everywhere? That is called retargeting or remarketing. It is a powerful tool and greatly increases conversion!
• After watching the video or in other scenarios receiving a download or information an offer is made. There are various strategies, sometimes it could be a onetime offer, possibly a discount, a webinar or a consultation.
• If people take up the offer they now enter your sales pipeline as well as being changed to an email list for customers.
• If they say no they will be added to a different email list and sent an appropriate series of emails.

One thing to be careful of is that you don’t bombard prospects and customers with sales emails. They should predominantly be to educate, inform and build confidence with prospects and clients.

Even the simplest funnel can double turnover, for example if we compare these 2 scenarios

In the first example, we have an ad that points directly to an offer for a $97 product. For every 100 visitors one person made a purchase.

In the second scenario, we have added the free give away, now 8% of visitors took the giveaway and 25% of those purchased the product.

The psychology of this is interesting, when people say yes once it is much easier for them to say yes again.

The option then is to add an upsell or one-time-offer as a certain percentage will pick that up.

As mentioned before another benefit of this strategy is that you have their email list and can continue building a relationship and market to them for free.

Automating your sales funnel takes potential customers through a process that weeds out those not interested. If set up correctly, they build confidence and credibility. You can also test and measure continually improving your results, eliminating ineffective aspects of campaigns and tweaking successful aspects.

Once set up they save time and resources allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

In our next video, we will be looking at the most effect channel to use for marketing and why it should be a major focus.

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