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Dave Swift on What is Marketing and What it’s Not

January 12, 2018 81 No Comments


Most people think of marketing as advertising. It is not only that. Advertising is simply an element of marketing, just as promotions are. Almost everything a vender tries to sell you is an element of marketing, but is not marketing itself.

Dave Swift, the Marketing Guru, speaks with Patrick Dougher of The Business Spotlight. He is a graduate of Stanford, has worked for Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi Cola, and various other large corporations. He became the Senior Marketer for Greyhound, and CEO for other marketing firms.

To understand marketing, and to better choose which level of marketing you will need in order to achieve your objective. Take an individual market and determining what strategies are best for improving and getting your message out.

A market is an area, part of a triangle that includes the questions – Where is the product or service purchased? Who are your customers or niche, and what are their characteristics? Who is the competition? It starts with the demographics, and fulfills the need for those in that particular demographic area.

To learn more, and see how Dave Swift can help you in market your business, go to his website at

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