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Internet Marketing Funnels – 15 Essential Components Checklist

December 27, 2017 76 No Comments


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Marketing Funnels? What are they and How do you build them?

I have been working on this for the past few weeks as I felt it was one of the weakest aspects of my own marketing.

As a result I have compiled a list of 15 Essential Components that you need to include: these are:

Digital Product
Hosting Platform
Action Autoresponder Series
Nurture Autoresponder Series
Welcome Autoresponder Series
Email List
Email Service Provider
Opt-in Form
Landing Page
Lead Magnets
Content and Call to Action
Traffic Sources and Channels
Traffic Campaigns
Traffic Growth Strategies
Audience Avatar
I have prepared a short Checklist of these items containing more explanation to help you to get to grips with this very complex subject!

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