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The One Word That Will Change Your Life

I was annoyed. Seething. Here I was talking with a client that was demanding the impossible. It wasn’t the first time I had these types of conversations. I asked “When  do you want delivery?” “Next week” was the reply. My short a

publish March 19, 2018 1
My OCD (Song)

A song about making things right. iTUNES: NOTE: We understand that OCD is a serious mental disorder that significantly affects the lives of millions of people (including Rhett’s wife). This song is not intended to make fun of peop

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publish March 19, 2018 2
Weathering the Storm- Strategies for Navigating a Turbulent Market

In crisis there is opportunity. Now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity you have to refine your business model and your business. The construction industry is experiencing a downturn that it has not felt in more than

publish March 19, 2018 0
Drop 1 Losing Friend [Gary Vaynerchuk]

Audit your circle. source

publish March 19, 2018 0
The Feel Good Podcast Ep.12 ~ “Creating Optimal States & Peak Performance through Life Mastery” with Stefan Pylarinos

Great talk with Stefan Pylarinos from Project Life Mastery. Both big Tony Robbins disciplines, we share our best insights into how we can create states of optimal energy, confidence and passion, and how we can really be the best version of ourself through psyc

publish March 19, 2018 1
3 Brands at SXSW That Taught Me How to Tell a Story

I write a lot about creating an experience. About humanizing. About authenticity. About telling a story. About being helpful. In a marketing context, much of this boils down to the idea of your brand: about who you are, what you can do, and how that shapes the

publish March 18, 2018 0
Jamiroquai – Automaton

New Song ‘AUTOMATON’ available digitally now: Best of Jamiroquai: Subscribe here: — AUTOMATON TRANSMISSION: WORLDWIDE — New Album: ‘AUTOMATON’ Available: FRI_3

publish March 18, 2018 0
Brand Contributor: How to visually analyse your social media data

In this webinar Joanna Grimmond, Senior UK Marketing Manager at Tableau, and product expert Geraldine Zanolli will show how you can start analysing your own social media data, quickly and easily. We’ll take your through the whole process of extracting yo

publish March 18, 2018 2
SHIP Findings On Doc-99 (MaxH)

Project Title: SHIP Background: Health destination pharmacy is practices in Australia and the health systems in UK and Canada. E-health is a surely profitable business in the 21st Century. Now everyone in the street is mobile. Mobility is supported by internet

publish March 18, 2018 2
The Real Reason I’m Done Training Gary Vaynerchuk

14 LIFE LESSONS I LEARNED TRAINING GARY VAYNERCHUK: FOLLOW ME snap: @mikevacanti ig: @mikevacanti Mike Vacanti is a writer, strength coach, entrepreneur and personal trainer for Gary Vaynerchuk

publish March 18, 2018 2

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